So there’s this attractive guy…

I posted on facebook awhile ago that cookies were the way into my heart…  I’ve been texting this guy I have a crush on, and I’m pretty sure he might have an idea that I like him.

Well, last night, he decided to have this movie night with the people in my hall kind of last minute (at least I didn’t hear about it until last minute) and he had cookies there…

I am pretty positive that I am reading waaaay too much into it, but I DID see him glance at me several times during the movie.

Afterwards I had enough courage to go knock on his door and ask him out for coffee.

And he said yes.  Although we don’t have any solid plans…

I feel like I might explode with happiness.

And on nights like these, so quiet and dark, I can hear your heart beating despite being distanced and broken.

Or maybe it’s just mine.

There’s honestly nothing better than chocolate that tastes like wine and raspberries <3